Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The prismbleed sunset

I’m seeing a lot of reports of the Google-Android tablets really becoming a lot more popular. I do have one of the new Nexus 7′s — they are truly great. But the rest of the family still has iPads… so I am kind of on the fence right now. If you use a lot of google services and use the major apps, then the Nexus is the way to go. One thing I still like about the iPads is for the kids… there seem to be more/better apps on the iPad, but I think that advantage won’t last long. What do you think?
Wow we got some great sunsets during those late Alaskan nights! When I looked out across the sea, there were so many kinds and temperatures of moisture, so that must have contributed… there was the cold ocean, warm mists, rolling fogs, low and high clouds, plus a mixture of a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. All together, it made for a great cocktail of prisms for the light.

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