Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Reds Forever

What are your favorite apps for real-time or predictive data about the Aurora? I’d like to know more about when to go shoot these things. Right now, I just kind of wait for Eden Brackstone to send me an email, but this seams kind of random!
This will sound weird… but wouldn’t it be strange if sunsets were green and blue instead of orange and red? I guess that is why I like the Aurora so much, because the colors are so crazy. I shot this in Iceland one morning around four AM on the way to the northwest fjordlands.

Little Stream Through The Hills

This is the early warning on final spots at a cheaper price on the upcoming October photography workshop here in New Zealand. That link will take you to a page with a lot more information and a video that shows more about the event. And if you already registered, well then I look forward to spending a lot of time with you here in my backyard!
This lovely little stream curves a hundred different ways through a thousand different compositions here between Queenstown and Arrowtown. I’ve walked along only a small part of it, and I look forward to doing it a lot more. It’s here on The Hills golf course, and I’ve lost a total of two golfballs in here so far. More soon to come.

Cruising through Tracy Arm

I met a guy on the front of the boat that had his tripod set up and he was taking a cool time lapse as we turned this way and that through the fjords. I can’t seem to find it online… maybe he hasn’t published it yet, but I’ll share it when I can find it.
We had a nice unexpected treat when we entered the Tracy Arm fjords during the Alaskan cruise. A woman came to our table one night and invited us to the the front of the ship, which turned out to be the perfect spot to take photos! I spent most of my time hanging off the edge of the boat in dangerous ways… but I did turn around at one point to take this photo… you can kind of see the setup.

Temple of Confucius

If you check the store up there on the top red bar, you’ll find the textures tutorial buried in there. It’s one of the first videos I ever made! The tutorial still sells great and people get a lot of fun ideas out of it. We recently also made an option where you can just get the textures if you like, since some people were asking for this…
Here’s one of the great things about this particular Chinese temple – it was practically empty. Strange, I thought, because every other temple is completely overloaded with people doing this and that. It was very easy to explore around and find many interesting angles and scenes. The other great thing, of course, is that absolutely nobody minded if I used a tripod. I always appreciate pure tripod freedom whenever I occasionally get it!

The prismbleed sunset

I’m seeing a lot of reports of the Google-Android tablets really becoming a lot more popular. I do have one of the new Nexus 7′s — they are truly great. But the rest of the family still has iPads… so I am kind of on the fence right now. If you use a lot of google services and use the major apps, then the Nexus is the way to go. One thing I still like about the iPads is for the kids… there seem to be more/better apps on the iPad, but I think that advantage won’t last long. What do you think?
Wow we got some great sunsets during those late Alaskan nights! When I looked out across the sea, there were so many kinds and temperatures of moisture, so that must have contributed… there was the cold ocean, warm mists, rolling fogs, low and high clouds, plus a mixture of a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. All together, it made for a great cocktail of prisms for the light.

Alone on 18

Someone told me a stat that only 20% of people can break 100 if you are honestly keeping score. Do you think that is true? I’ve been poking around for that stat… maybe you know the one I am talking about… or know where that statistical analysis is.
I always have weird and surreal experiences on this golf course. Firstly, of course I take my camera ll over the place along with my clubs. There is rarely anyone else on the course. Some days they have tournaments and it fills up… but it’s mostly just empty and surreal. I also listen to strange music while I roll around, taking photos, and the stopping occasionally for some golf. When I finished here on 18 one evening, I was actually the last person even around… even that awesome clubhouse there in the distance was empty…

Aliens over Big Sur

I went out one night to see the meteors go crazy, but it turned out to be a little bit weak on the meteor part. And then the most interesting thing would be when cars would crest over the hill to come towards me. I was wondering… if someone from a few thousand years ago were to be transported in time to be standing there with me — would they have any concept of the car being driven by a human, or would they just think it is an alien ship? I mean, if they could not see inside (it was dark) — would people have any idea that the car was a human-created and powered-device, or would that notion not even enter their heads?